MicroMoocs of STEM-CPD@EUni

ECTNMOOC.EU is a website that offers a series of short, open online modules designed to enhance STEM-CPD (Continuing Professional Development) for educators. These modules cover a variety of topics, including lab safety, rubrics for assessing lab work, and effective use of digital tools for teaching and learning (TPACK). The modules follow a microMOOC format, with a solid active learning course design that focuses on a single teaching/learning concept and takes about a couple of hours per student. They consist of engaging, media-rich reading material, short video clips, and assignments. The online modules are designed with an active learning approach and a constructivist orientation using the ADDIE developmental model.

Latest and Featured microMOOCs

laboratory notebook good laboratory practice documentation skills
Personalizing the Laboratory Notebook: Maximizing Learning Outcomes

Design notebooks that promote student success and create a seamless experience.

Featured STEMCPD - Aug 31 2023 - Jan 1 2025
TPACK Quality teaching Effective teaching
TPACK, a framework for lecturer’s knowledge

In this course, you will learn about the TPACK instructional approach.

Featured STEMCPD - Aug 30 2023 - Jan 1 2025
STEM educators ASD support HE strategies
Working with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) students on STEM faculties

Enhance STEM educators' skills in supporting ASD students. Learn ASD characteristics, address challenges, and strategize for higher education.

Featured STEMCPD - Aug 15 2023 - Jan 1 2025
Laboratory Education Pre-assignment Design Student Engagement
Pre-assignments to enhance student's learning in the laboratory

Enhance lab learning with our course on designing effective pre-assignments for educators.

Featured STEMCPD - Aug 30 2023 - Jan 1 2025
Alternative Conception Creative Teaching GenAI
Guiding Students in Critical and Creative Thinking

In this course, you will learn about how to guide students to reach a scientific conceptual understanding.

Featured STEMCPD - Aug 31 2023 - Jan 1 2025
Feedback Assessment Motivation
Assessment for learning - providing feedback

This course is intended to improve STEM teachers' ability to provide feedback that supports students learning.

Featured STEMCPD - Apr 16 2023 - Jan 1 2025
MOODLE problem-based learning project-based learning
Facilitating project-based and problem-based learning with the use of Moodle

This course is about Project-based and Problem-based learning, how it can benefit both you and your students.

Featured STEMCPD - Jun 1 2023 - Jan 1 2025
Quality Assessment Table of Specification Constructive Alignment
Instrument for Quality Assessment

In this course you will learn about assessment and how Table of specification can support it.

Featured STEMCPD - Aug 21 2023 - Jan 1 2025
Misconceptions Demystifying concepts Real-world chemistry
An alternative view: Exemplification of chemical concepts with a language close to the students

This CPD course empowers university teachers to simplify complex chemistry concepts using everyday language, relatable examples, and engaging visuals, enhancing student understanding.

Featured STEMCPD - Aug 4 2023 - Jan 1 2025
Creative Thinking Artifical Intelligence Chatbots
Guiding students to create their own answers instead of using chatbots

In today's digital era, students often turn to chatbots for quick answers. Yet, real learning demands deeper engagement and critical thinking.

Featured STEMCPD - Aug 25 2023 - Jan 1 2025
Flipped Classroom Active-Learning Higher Education
Mastering the Flipped Classroom: The Power of the Guide on the Side

In this course, you will learn about the flipped classroom instructional approach.

Featured STEMCPD - Mar 22 2023 - May 1 2023
Problem Based Learning Implementation Guidelines
Is it possible to apply Problem-Based Learning in STEM education?

Explore PBL basics in this mMOOC, get guidelines for classroom use, and dive deeper with suggested readings.

Featured STEMCPD - Aug 23 2023 - Jan 1 2025
Molecular Gastronomy Context-Based Learning Pedagogical Techniques
Context Based Learning by Example of the Molecular Gastronomy

Dive into Context-Based Learning through Molecular Gastronomy! Uncover the blend of theory & practice, design innovative lessons, and assess teaching methods.

Featured STEMCPD - Aug 28 2023 - Jan 1 2025
ILOs Learning Proces
Understanding of What We Learn

Creating Effective Intended Learning Outcomes

Featured STEMCPD - Aug 23 2023 - Jan 1 2025
Green Chemistry Laboratory Teaching STEM
Teaching and Learning (about) Green Chemistry

STEM teachers expand on Green Chemistry basics, integrate it in class, assess & enhance eco-friendliness, & share lab ideas.

Featured STEMCPD - Aug 31 2023 - Jan 1 2025


Soft-skills Communication STEM
Communication between students and scientists

This course aims to improve the communication skills of university teachers in STEM education.

Active STEMCPD - Feb 13 2023 - Jan 1 2025
Misconception Communication
How to elicit misconceptions

In this course, we will learn how to expose misconceptions in STEM classes at High education institutions.

Active STEMCPD - Feb 19 2023 - Jan 1 2025
microMOOC online course Open edX
How to Create a microMOOC Course?

In this course, you will learn how to develop a microMOOC: from the idea to the definition of the ILOs and the development of the content to the final product.

Active STEMCPD - Feb 25 2023 - Jan 1 2025
Assessment H5P self-evaluation
How to design innovative on-line continuous self-evaluation tests

In this microMOOC, we intend to provide insights into how to design and create stimulating self-evaluation tests.

Active STEMCPD - Feb 13 2023 - Jan 1 2025
Peer assessments Student learning Rubric creation
Better evaluation with students’ peer assessment

Discover how peer assessments can enhance student learning and improve communication, collaboration, and writing skills. Learn to implement and create rubrics.

Active STEMCPD - Feb 25 2023 - Jan 1 2025
microMOOCs Open edX Studio
MicroMOOCs with Open edX

Learn to create engaging online courses using the Open edX platform. Develop your skills in course creation, content design, and assessment. Join now!

Active STEMCPD - Mar 10 2023 - May 10 2023
3D Printing Molecules STEM
3D Printing of Molecular Models

Revolutionize STEM education with our comprehensive 3D printing course, enhancing learning through hands-on molecular modelling & overcoming barriers.

Active STEMCPD - May 2 2023 - Jan 1 2025
3D Printing Creativity TPACK
3D Printing for STEM Educators

3D printing in higher education can revolutionize learning, but training, resource & time constraints hinder adoption. This MicroMOOC solve this.

Active STEMCPD - Mar 25 2023 - Jan 1 2025
Assessment Rubrics P2P
Rubrics for students’ peer assessment

This course describes Rubrics as a tool for peer assessment. Participants will learn to prepare rubrics for P2P assessment

Active STEMCPD - Feb 19 2023 - Jan 1 2025
Assessment Large-classes
Continuous online assessment for large classes

This course is designed for teachers of STEM subjects who work in higher education institutions

Active STEMCPD - Jan 1 2025 - Feb 28 2023
Communication Bridging gaps
Bridging Pre-Knowledge Gaps

In this course, lecturers will explore whether pre-knowledge gaps occur in their course and what they are. Also, the course provides lecturers with possible solutions to deal with these gaps.

Active STEMCPD - Jan 1 2023 - Jan 1 2025